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Posted on: Saturday, 31 May 2014

So on Friday I reached a pretty significant milestone - I celebrated my graduation from Sydney University where I studied a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) with History and French Studies. Despite finishing class six months ago, it was nice to mark it officially with the people I had met over the last four years. 


Posted on: Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the first screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel, (a perk of working at Broadsheet no less) and what a sumptuous feast for the senses it was. An experience so memorable that the textures, sounds and plot of the movie have been indelibly printed in my imagination... so much so that I made my parents see it again on Saturday night and I'm taking my sister to see it for the third time tomorrow.

No film has captivated me in a long while, creating such a rich and otherworldly yet realistic experience. What strikes me is Anderson's ability to create an aesthetically stunning world that still manages to tap into contemporary issues. I loved Anderson's identification of the striking similarity between pre-war Zubrowka (an allusion to WWI/WWII) and today, and, the way he so elegantly explores issues surrounding immigration and greed, which still resonate (perhaps even more so) in contemporary society. For me, it was witty, sensory feast and a true masterpiece...I recommend that you watch it, if only for Ralph Fiennes as Monsieur Gustave H.


-5 Stars-


Posted on: Thursday, 17 April 2014

Untitled #23

Hello from Singapore! I arrived yesterday and it's great to be reunited with my family as I hadn't seen them since Christmas. I'm currently sipping coffee in the garden and other than contemplating buying an nespresso machine, I'm writing interview questions for a little sumthin' sumthin' I'm working on for the next print edition of Broadsheet. I''m seriously enjoying the tropical weather here too, because Sydney was bordering on icy.

I woke up early this morning and spent two hours devouring 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn, which I've now finished. It was fantastic by the way and I'm eagerly awaiting the film adaptation featuring Ben Affleck and the goddess Emily Ratajkowski. Does anyone have any book or movie recommendations? I'm planning on being a lady of leisure this week and catching up on good reads, food and the best of the silver screen. I hope you are all enjoying the Easter long weekend, here's a little gem 'I Wish I was' by Aussie Ayla. 

Peach Melba

Posted on: Monday, 7 April 2014

Melbourne, you're a peach. No really. 

I headed to Melbourne last weekend with my best friend in tow, for no reason whatsoever but to relax and enjoy ourselves. Only an hour away by plane, I don't know why I haven't make the trip more often. It was great to feel a sense of escapism and be a world away from home without having to worry about language barriers, phones, money exchange was all just a little bit too easy. 

Glorious Melbourne

I love Melbourne's wide boulevards, criss-crossed by tramlines, its food (I'm looking at you Chin Chin) and its treasure trove of lane ways, a labyrinth of streets waiting to be explored. We stayed at the Blackman (which is one of the Art Series hotels) and a total dream come true. 

Our Room at the Blackman

We started Saturday morning at Top Paddock in Richmond where we feasted on chilli scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and cappuccinos. We spent the rest of the day wandering down Chapel Street, enjoyed ciders in the sunshine and got our nails done before heading back to the hotel to get ready for a night out.

Breakfast at Top Paddock

No trip to Melbourne is complete without a visit to one of its many critically acclaimed eateries, so naturally we went to the wildly popular Chin Chin. Get there early (about 6pm) to put your name down for a table (they'll text you when the table is ready) as this Flinders Street establishment has people queuing through the doors come nightfall. Whilst we waited for our table we went exploring and stumbled across a little bar called Misty where we sipped on champagne and Campari's before heading back to the restaurant for dinner.

Melbourne's famous laneways

I loved the decor at Chin Chins, its like a modern Asian disneyland; from the giant neon bunny to the warehouse feel, newspapered walls and low hanging lights. Its menu presents an elegant and modern take on Thai favourites, unlike anything you'll find at your local takeaway. We tried the Pad Se Ew (with Wagyu beef no less), corn fritters and salmon - every bite exploded with flavour and it was easily one of my favourite restaurant experiences in a long while. And, if you want to brush up on your Thai, head to the bathroom where Thai language tapes blare 'Sawadeekaa' (hello) and other useful phrases.

Chin Chin

Up at the bar

Afterwards we met up with some friends from Sydney who were also in town for the weekend. Amazingly I also got to catch up with my long-lost friend, Annabel who I met when I travelled through Europe after school. Although she lives in New Zealand, she was visiting Melbourne on her way to Nepal - where I imagine she's currently climbing a mountain. It was fantastic catching up after so long and it was great because it felt like no time had passed at all - I felt like we were giggling 18 year olds again. We stayed out late, hopping from establishment to establishment and meeting locals. 

Annabel and I

Sunday morning we caught a tram to the famous lane ways to enjoy breakfast, nestled between the buildings. The lane ways have an unmistakable European flair, and I particularly liked gazing up at people sitting on their balconies, enjoying a morning was like they were the city's guardian angels watching over the tourists below. There's certainly a great charm in that, and I felt like I could have been in Spain.

Beautiful Suz

Our final evening was spent meeting up with friends and then we headed to the Corner Hotel in Richmond to see our adored Sticky Fingers play. It was a 10 out of 10 weekend. And here's a bitta Paul Kelly for you, it's called 'From St Kilda to Kings Cross' - I thought it was kinda appropriate. 

Pre-Sticky Fingers

Currently Watching: Midnight in Paris

Posted on: Friday, 28 March 2014

All day long I dream of Paris...of narrow cobblestoned streets, of wandering the galleries of L'Orangerie, of the green steely chairs of Luxembourg Gardens and of people-watching with a glass of vin rouge in hand. No city has quite captured my imagination the same way as Paris has. Whilst I won't be living in Paris next year I'm just as excited to move to France (Bordeaux) and intend to visit Paris as often as I can...

Simple Pleasures

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Today has been the longest day. I woke up ridiculously early to film the sunrise at Bondi for my film subject. It was a strange experience driving to the beach whilst it was still dark. I am not a morning person but there was something liberating about driving down the empty streets and singing along to the radio with all the windows down, all the while every other sane Sydneysider was still wrapped up warmly in their beds.

Unfortunately the sunrise was marred by the impending storm clouds that have menaced Sydney's skies the past week; so there was none of the gloriously pinky hues I was expecting. Despite this, it was still nice to see the inky night sky turning a pale grey come first light and the clouds sure looked magnificent and foreboding. I was also very impressed by the hoards of people running along the beach doing their morning fitness - the dedication!

I've got class today from 10-6pm and am currently enjoying my one, one-hour break trying not to fall asleep...wish me luck. Tonight will be spent in front of the TV with a bowl of comfort food.

I hope your week is faring well, here's a song by one of my favourite bands, Newtown locals 'Sticky Fingers' (who I'm going to see in Melbourne this weekend) this one's called 'Inspirationizer'... I think you'll enjoy their laid-back reggae stylings. 

Weekend Walks

Posted on: Saturday, 22 March 2014

If you live in Sydney you'll know what a brilliant day Saturday was, one of those perfect sunny days where the city was really showing off. I started the day with brekkie at one of my favourite cafes Anvil & Co. which is built into Kirribilli Wharf- you can read more about it here. Not only is the food delicious (I had avocado on gluten-free toast with quinoa tabbouleh and fetta; my friend Luce had the bircher muesli pictured) it has an epic vantage point to boot with views of the's an absolute gem.

I met up with my boyfriend in the afternoon and we did the Bondi to Bronte walk, I stupidly didn't bring my swimmers and what a shame too as the ocean had pulled away to reveal little inlets of sand, perfect spots to fritter away the day! I've spent today working from home on my uni assessments in preparation for my weekend away. I hope your weekend was as gorgeous as mine, if only they didn't go so fast!

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